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About our company

The STILMISSION offers interdisciplinary services in all digital channels with the aim of a homogeneous and unique external impact of all communication measures.

The focus is on the planning and implementation of websites and online shops, newsletter management and the development and maintenance of company presentations in social networks.

We also advise you on choosing the right shop system, including connection to an inventory management or ERP system (Enterprise Resource Planning), as well as optimizing your shipping logistics.

Digitalization processes are our passion. We are your contact for all questions about the transformation from the analogue to the digital world.

Through our partner network, you can receive everything from a single source on a full-service basis: from the concept and brand development to the corporate design and the realization of the complete print and digital media production.


Zahlen & Fakten



For many years, numerous customers and agencies have trusted in our high level of interdisciplinary expertise in consulting, development and programming for digital media. This key qualification with the ability to combine different specialist areas to solve complex tasks offers enormous advantages in the implementation of visions, ideas and wishes and, last but not least, is efficient and economically sustainable. Networked thinking and working are a given.


Website Programming
% 85
Online Shops
% 70
Social media
% 57
Newsletter Management
% 61

Our Services

Website Programming

Development and realization of company websites, blogs, learn management systems, SEO and technical. Maintenance service


System consulting and implementation of online shops with a focus on Shopware, WooCommerce and Shopify


System consulting, configuration and management of HTML newsletter campaigns using industry-leading systems


Social media strategies and solution finding as well as creation and management of company profiles


Advice on corporate processes in digital media as well as connections to merchandise management and ERP systems


Professional and highly available support for questions about digital media topics

Our Portfolio

Excerpt from our expertise in the use of apps, scripts and systems for the realization of digital media projects:

Wordpress, WooCommerce, Shopware, Shopify, ContentStudio, Hootsuite, Mailchimp, CleverReach, Brevo (ehem. sendinblue), sendcloud, shipcloud, Tumult Hype, RapidWeaver, Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Essentials, microtech büro+ / ERP-System, facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Dribbble, Behance, youtube, Adobe Creative Suite, Affinity, SevDesk, u. v. m.

Maintenance contracts for proactive monitoring, backup and update services, etc. for Shopware, WordPress und WooCommerce.

Below you will find a selection of references from various disciplines. We would be happy to explain further references to you in detail in a personal conversation.

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Maintenance & Support Packages

The problem with many websites is that they are programmed once and then left to their own devices. This quickly leads to your website no longer being up to date and therefore having security gaps, technical problems and incorrect display.

Example WordPress:
If WordPress and the plugins you use are not regularly updated, you provide hackers with attack opportunities that can cause significant damage to your website.

Below you will find pricing examples for WordPress - one of the world's most popular website management systems with a variety of expansion options for future scalability of projects such as: E.g. online shops, learn management systems, collaboration platforms and much more.

The maintenance and care service is of course also available for other website systems.

  • 14 days Backup
  • Update-Service WP + Plugins
  • 1x per month Security Scan
  • 1x per week Backup
  • Update-Service WP + Plugins
  • 1x per week Security Scan
  • E-Mail Support
  • Proactive Safety
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • Importing Backups
  • 1x per day Backup
  • Update Service WP + Plugins
  • 1x per day Security Scan
  • E-Mail Support
  • Proactive Safety
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • Importing Backups
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Maintenance WooCommerce

Laufzeit jeweils 12 Monate

Analogous to the programs for technical maintenance there are Flat-rate and tailor-made offers for the monthly maintenance of your social media channels.

We would be happy to send you our flyer with the price overview.
Please use the contact form below.

About us

Our corporate management consists of a core team for the Planning and project planning with decades of interdisciplinary experience. Depending on the project requirements, we work with a carefully selected network of well-coordinated partners professionellen, spezialisierten Medienschaffenden mit langjähriger Erfahrung und profunder Expertise aus unterschiedlichen Mediendisziplinen.

In addition to greater social compatibility and increased creativity, the decentralized approach also enables sustainable and careful use of resources such as: B. office space, workplaces, etc.

We work with the highest level of digitalization. For example, the administration will B. paperless, 100% digital and the energy supply comes from sustainable sources. We prefer to communicate and cooperate with our customers with Microsoft Office 365, especially with Teams - for short distances in project coordination and secure, smooth file exchange as well as a consistent database across all users and devices.

This allows us to achieve maximum flexibility and cost efficiency while maintaining flat hierarchies for the best possible support for our customers.

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What people say?

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Alex Martin

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Frische Ideen aus der STILMISSION

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Are you planning the digitization of your work processes, a media project, an online shop or a website?

We look forward to your inquiry and a free-spirited, non-binding exchange of ideas about your next project!

+49 6703 882080
Hauptstr. 6a
55546 Biebelsheim
stilmission - The whole world of media

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    Inh.: Gabriel Schmidt

    Digitale Medien / Computeranwendungen

    Hauptstr. 6a
    55546 Biebelsheim

    Tel.: +49 6703 882080

    E-Mail: info@stilmission.de

    USt-IdNr. DE25206769

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    Haftpflicht-Siegel: http://www.exali.de/siegel/stilmission

    Geltungsbereich der media-Haftpflichtversicherung:

    Versicherungsschutz besteht für Ansprüche, die vor Gerichten der Mitgliedsstaaten der EU, des EWR oder der Schweiz geltend gemacht werden und auf der Verletzung des Rechts dieser Staatenberuhen.

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    Verantwortlicher für die Datenverarbeitung:
    Gabriel Schmidt
    Hauptstr. 6a
    55546 Biebelsheim
    Telefon: +49 6703 882080


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